OATH native stingless bee hive box
australian native stingless bee hive

We have Australian Native Stingless Bee colonies for sale all year round. These beautiful bees are completely stingless and are a great addition to any garden, backyard or patio. Just position them in a north easterly facing direction, ensure they get morning sun until about 10am and watch them thrive. Our hives are set up for easy annual splitting and/or harvesting of your very own sugarbag honey.

We have both Tetragonula Carbonaria and Tetragonula Hockingsii species always available.

For keen meliponists interested in different species of native bees, we also have limited numbers of Austroplebeia Australis colonies available.

All boxed colonies: $550

Price includes the following:

  • OATH design hive box with honey super (top compartment of hive where honey may be harvested from)
  • Hive lock.
  • Instruction and coaching for keeping Australian Native Stingless Bees upon collection of your colony.

We are based in Brisbane and only sell our hives in and around south east Queensland, Australia.

We do not post live hives at this point in time.

Additional accessories may also be purchased: Hive roof + Hive stand ($130)

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