Propolis 10g $7.50 (+ $4 P+H)

Created using tree resin and native bee wax, propolis is the material our bees use in and around their nest to build as well as to store honey and pollen. Often called sugar bag bees for their traits of . They also store honey in pots and pollen pots from this material. Used to shape mouth pieces of traditional didgeridoos, propolis is soft and malleable when heated but hardens when cooled.

Propolis is known for a range of medicinal properties but more importantly, we use a small amount of propolis to create an entrance tunnel within empty hive boxes when we are ready to conduct hive splits. Creating a propolis entrance tunnel is an important part of minimising the risk of pests entering your hive once you’ve done your split.

10 grams of propolis is enough for a hive entrance tunnel or 1 to 2 didgeridoo mouthpieces.

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Native stingless bee honey 100g $25 (not available at the moment)

Australian native stingless bees produce very small amounts of delicious, tangy, citrusy honey. Unlike European honey bee hives that produce more than 10kg of honey per month, a native bee hive will produce only 1-2kg of honey per year. Yes you read correctly, this is per year. This makes native bee honey very rare and very special indeed. Not only quite decadent, various types of sugarbag honey has been identified as having significant medicinal properties.

Tetragonula Stingless Native Bee Honey:

Honey from Tetragonula Hockingsi and Tetragonula Carbonaria native stingless bees is particularly tangy and citrusy. These bees use a lot more tree resins in the propolis they use to create honey pots within which the honey is stored.

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Austroplebeia Australis Native Stingless Bee Honey

Austroplebeia Australis bees are a different species of Australian Native Stingless Bee. These bees are even smaller than the Hockingsi and Carbonaria species and have a smaller nest size. With this in mind the production of honey from these tiny insects is even more rare than other sugarbag honey. From time to time we have small amounts of this honey from this species available for purchase. Lighter in colour, this honey has a very delicate citrusy flavour that is not unlike high quality raw European bee honey.

100g jar $50 (+ $10 P & H within Australia)

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Austroplebeia Australis native stingless bee

Austroplebeia Australis native stingless bee

About native stingless bee honey

Note: depending on the hive, the surrounding food sources and the time of year the honey is harvested, stingless bee honey will vary in colour, texture and flavour. Sugarbag honey also has a high water content and is more viscous (runny) than usual honey. We recommend drizzling your honey on good quality vanilla ice-cream or just eating by the spoonful. We also use the honey topically on sores, pimples or scratches as it has a range of antimicrobial effects and helps with the healing process. Inquire now